NGC281, Pacman Nebula

NGC 281 or IC 11 is a bright emission nebula in Cassiopea. In it's centre is the open cluster IC1590. The Pacman Nebula is very hard to see visually and was discovered by E Barnard in 1883. The nebula measures 20x30 arcminutes and is primarly made up of HII.

The image was taken from my home site with a Vixen VMC260 Cassegrain telescope and QSI583WSG camera on a Paramount ME2. To bring out the HII regions a H Alpha filter was used. The H Alpha data was blended with the RGB data to create this composite.

Exposure times were: 15:5:5:4 HRGB.

All images were taken in 1x1 binning.

60% resolution image

100% resolution image